Other Industrial Coatings

General Industrial Coatings
Product List:


· Industrial Primers

· Red Oxide Primers



Automotive Refinishes
Product List:

    · 1K Acrylic Lacquer

· 1K Acrylic White Pigmented Lacquer

· 1K NC White Pigmented Lacquer

· 1K Air Dry Alkyd White Pigmented Lacquer

· 2K Acrylic Clear Lacquer with Non-yellowing Hardener

· 2K Acrylic White Pigmented Lacquer with Non-yellowing Hardener

· 1K Car Body Putty

· 1K Car Surfacer


Thinners & Industrial Solvents
 Product List:

· Multipurpose Thinner

· Acrylic Thinner (Special)

· Acrylic Thinner (Standard)

· PU Thinner (Urethene grade)

· PU Thinner (Standard)

· AC Thinner (Standard)

· NC Thinner (Hot Spray)

· NC Thinner (Standard)

· Reducer for Glaze and Fillers

· Special Thinners for Electrostatic Spray

· Commercial Grade Industrial Solvents

· Other related Surface Additives